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How to let the O365 client do their own billing?

I have an ex-client of mine (break/fix once in a blue moon client) that I need to move from me being their reseller/partner to them being on their own.  They've only had O365 services for 2 months and when I set them up, I did my billing through my distributor (Synnex) and I'd turn around and bill the client.  Today was their last payment to me as a client.  Now I want to get them set up so they can go do their own billing (log into their portal, input their own credit card and let them take over).  Synnex tells me that if I reduce their license count to zero, it'll cut them off.  I don't want to disrupt their service, but I don't want to pay for it either and have to bill them (again).  

To add further (and please correct me if I'm wrong about this):  It looks like one of the users (who is a global admin) can log in and purchase the O365 business premium (under Billing --> Purchase Services) and instead of them contacting their partner (me), they'd choose the O365 Business Premium.  Add their license count.  Input their payment method and then have their license.  They currently have 3 licenses with me.  They'd purchase 3 more and have 6.  Then just reassign those new licenses to the existing users - which would free up the licenses I have from Synnex.  Then on my side, I'd just kill off their account in Synnex which would remove the 3 that I purchased from them.

Does sound about right or am I missing something?

What's the best method to do this?