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CSP Education - a question around eligibility

 I am writing a topic here in hopes of finding someone out there in the forum that might have an answer on the eligibility for CSP education licenses - and I will define my question here below.

In the Volume licensing world, there is an eligibility document where you can look what kind of programme an organisation can purchase, and in my case I am working with a non-profit organisation - and in this MS document it states that if certain criterias are met, the organisation can purchase for example Open Academic licenses - CSP is not mentioned in this doc at all.


If I wanted to sell CSP education licenses - is there an eligibility document or similar information somwhere out there that can define if an Non-profit* org can purchase CSP Education defined licenses?


Many thanks in advance!


*I am aware of the donation programmes like TechSoup.



Level 3 Contributor

Non-profit licensing is currently not available under the CSP program, so you'd have to go through the regular techsoup hoops I'm afraid.

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But academic/education pricing is available via Partners who have AEP certification.