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CSP 1-Tier Status - How do I remove this?

Hello, Indirect Reseller here and have been for years. However, my status on the partner portal shows as a 1-Tier seller. I am encountering all sorts of errors with my indirect reselling due to this, so need to remove the enrollment on Direct CSP. Indirect is all set up and ready to go, agreements signed etc, but I cannot for the life of me find out how to unenroll from the Direct Reseller program! 


Any hlp is greatly appreciated. Microsoft Partner Support's response was to wait for it to go away....

Community Manager

Hi there, @BOXTOBY ,


You can transition your direct bill tenant to the indirect reseller model in Partner Center. 

However, there is no option to roll back to a direct bill- only tenant afterwards. 🙂  


See this link for details, but regarding the view you are getting on the dashboard, please make sure you are signed in to Partner Center as the global admin for the direct bill tenant you are transitioning to indirect reseller.


Moreover the option to change the enrollment might be related to your Aniverssary Date as well : Partners with anniversary dates after December 2018 will be notified later once the feature is enabled for the partners.



Hope this helps,