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Azure Road blocks for MSPs


  1. Its expensive! - No one would ever pay for Azure, cost too much, easier to sell another server!

  2. Too complex - Don't really know where to start, how do I manage it? Still learning it..

  3. Too risky! - My clients expect fixed prices, how do I sell Azure and still make money?

Nerdio for Azure set it's mission to resolve ALL the issues above MSPs face everyday!

  • Nerdio for Azure's own quoting tool allows you to come up with a price per user so you know exactly what to sell it for and set your margins!

  • You can spin up an entire ready to use IT infrastructure in just 2 hours without an engineer! Yes its that easy!

  • Use your current CSP account to sell more O365 and Azure, you still get all the credit!

  • Manage your Azure infrastructure with our AWESOME automation tools!

  • Lower the cost of Azure with our optimization tools, no more DEV OPS needed!

Watch 2 Minute Explainer Video Here: https://vimeo.com/271280738

-- Nerdio for Azure - MSP IT Automation for Azure - Price, Provision, Manage and Optimize