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Windows integration for consoles

Good day all,

Not a partner in any way, but have an idea to suggest. Not sure if there are other groups related to this type of suggestion, but I will post here. Point me in the right direction if its not appropriate.

Is there any plans to integrate any windows build with Xbox? I think would be ideal for next generation consoles with the level of onboard hardware and could potentially capture a larger market share, in a sense creating more of a PC/Console hybrid machine. I think to sell a windows license for Xbox to be able to use this feature would also be an idea solution for release of the feature. There is a lot to think about and I'm sure it has been discussed before. 




@Shaz : You can also use the Xbox Idea Hub since your feedback is regarding Xbox: Share Ideas and Engage with Team Xbox Using the Xbox Idea Hub - Xbox Wire

I would recommend to be specific in your feedback what additional value this should bring, what scenarios this should enable. Xbox is already based on the Windows 10 architecture, e.g. allowing to publish apps for both Win10 and Xbox using the same code base.

Kind regards,
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Community Manager

Hi @Shaz ,


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with the parter community.

Indeed I can recommend you other communities o post this question: Results in Windows - Microsoft Community 

Additionally the Tech Community can be another good place for conversation on this topic: Windows 10 - Microsoft Tech Community


Hope this helps,