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Level 1 Contributor

Space is not reducing after running log shrinking job


There is SQL FCI Instance that is configure with SQL Always-On AOG which host replicas. The log shrink job executes successfully but space is not reduced instead when we run log shrink job after suspend replica seeding then it works.

Is it default behavior or do I need to change some parameters?


Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Level 4 Contributor

Hello, mfaisal678. The file size can't be reduced by shrinking if you have enough free space. The main reason is in the log file which is not shrinking because it is not truncated.


My recommendation is to configure the database recovery to the SIMPLE model.


You can find more details on the process here.


And one more suggestion from me - always use only a verified and fast Microsoft 365 backup solution. It will help you to recover in minutes when any unexpected issues appear.

Community Manager

@mfaisal678 good day!


You might want to check this with the Tech Community. 

💡 Please follow this link: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/sql-server/bg-p/SQLServer


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