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Product Pictures, Marketing gallery

Hi there!

I'm already a Microsoft Partner for a few years now. I want to take a look at the marketing materials to use for our new Website. I'm looking on the one hand for product pictures (O365 PKC) and also Marketing images (like http://blog.unimall.de/onenote-und-publisher-2016-im-microsoft-office-365-paket-das-koennen-die-beiden-tools/ ) Where I can find this? Havn't found anything and don't want to take some pictures that are not officially approved by Microsoft. Thanks!


Hi @Anonymous! Thanks for the question. I will reach out to someone who can help, and then follow up with you!

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Hi @TJ_Westre! Any luck?


Hi @Anonymous! The person I reached out to said that there are no images that partners can use with customers. They did, however, suggest that you head over to partners.office.com to see if they might have resource for you, or contact information of someone who can help more.

A link to that website can be found here. It looks like their support page can be found here.

Hope this helps!

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All on that link is a lot of information on Microsoft 365, no images and stuff.

Is it really the case that Microsoft does not have a Marketing Gallery for Partners to easirly find materials to use for promoting Microsoft products?

I to have seached the many many portals on Microsoft's many websites and not found anything remotely usefull, like product box shots, envirenment images, logo's etc. so it is only mentioned in a single paragraph on our website that we are also a Microsoft Silver partner and Microsoft Educational partner. Many of our MSP customers are supprised when we tell them that we also do Microsoft Products, like Azure and Office 365.

I spoke with the Partner support, and the closed thing they could come up with was the Microsoft DCCN site, but that is not available in our language, and still does not contain any images, videos or graphics to use, only fixed Microsite Campaigns, that even when embedded looks completely out of place as it does not fit the design and layout of our website.


Hi @Anonymous! Thanks for the question. @Anonymous is this something you can help with?