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Fix issue with W10-1803 Recovery partition mounting as logical drive

As of W10-1803, on many devices the Windows Recovery partition is being mounted as a logical drive. This is causing headaches across the world with software that monitors and warns on disk space usage. This partition should and must never be visible in Windows, unless specifically mounted for whatever reason.

I don't want to hear about manual fixes; that's not the point. This should never have happened and needs to be corrected asap. It's having a daily impact across the globe, probably wasting millions of man-hours, simply because of the incompetence of Microsoft developers.

Microsoft, please confirm that this issue is going to be fixed and when.

Level 5 Contributor

Run the 'Windows Update Troubleshooter' from Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Windows Update.

Step 2. Download and try to install the Update v1803.
After the restart, go to Start. > Settings > Update & Security.
Click Check for updates.
Finally let Windows to download and install the update again.



Rachel Gomez

Level 6 Contributor