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Dynamics365 Extra Storage Query

Good Morning, i have posted this query on Yammer as well but really need to find out the answer.

We have a customer that will have 30 x Dynamics365 Sales Professional users and 1 x Dynamics365Sales Enterprise – can you confirm that any additional storage add-on’s that are applied under the Sales Enterprise licence will pool at the tenant level and benefit all 31 users?

Many Thanks


Final confirmation - We heard back from the experts who confirmed that:

"Storage is earned or purchased per tenant and is shared across all instances.  Storage is not shared between CE Plan and U&O Plan".

Miki, MPC team



Assuming all the licenses are under the same subscription and tenant, it appears that the added storage accrues at the tenant level.


Here's the Dynamics 365 licensing guide: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=866544&clcid=0x409


Hello Sabs,

From a quick look at the documentation, it would seem that the answer to your question is yes, given this sentence:

"Storage consumption is totaled and tracked across all the instances attached to a customer tenant."

Having said that I am also looking to find a more SME-qualified answer. Please stay tuned, or if you've already found the answer in another discussion, please let us know.


Miki, MPC team