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I would like to explain to someone from Microsoft Corp. a complaint regarding partnership with the master VAR. Does anyone know an email where I can write to?


Hi @Esp! Would you mind providing some more information so that I can connect you with the right person?

1. Where are you located? What region?

2. Can you please provide some more detail about the issue?

As soon as you respond we can work on getting you connected with the right person!

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Thank you.

1. Spain

2. It is regarding Dynamics NAV. Some issues:

2.1 I want to know if we have any option to select other Master VAR to distribute Dynamics NAV or it is mandatory only one. Can not we sell NAV directly? It is a monopoly with Dynamics NAV

2.2 It is usual that we have to pay a monthly fee only for buying Dynamics NAV Licenses through NAV Master VAR? This not happen with other LAR/VAR's with other solutions as Office 365, Dynamics 365, AZURE...

2.3 Why Microsoft and the Master VAR communicate with our customers directly pointing out the Master VAR as the NAV Partner?

2.4 How Microsoft warrant us that some day the Master VAR or a company related is not going to sell directly to our customers?

Thanks in advance,



To clarify, are you an indirect reseller via CSP?

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With Office 365, AZURE and Dynamics 365 we are indirect reseller via CSP and from this side we don't have problems, but with Dynamics NAV the only way to resell licenses is with the Master VAR. We don't have any alternative.


Dear Esp,

I suggest that you contact some of the great licensing partners in Spain.

A skilled SPLA licensing provider like Insight or Crayon will likely be able to help you out so that you can find a good solution.

When I was leading Scandinavia's leading hosting provider I managed to set up a great solution for how to deal with Dynamics in a profitable way.


Regards, Per

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Level 1 Contributor

Thank you Per, but I'm afraid Insight or Crayon couldn't resell Dynamics NAV licenses. QBS has the monopoly...that is the problem...


If you can use the SPLA licensing model then that might open up doors with other distributors such as Crayon/Insight (at least that's what I did in the past).