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Cloud Platform Compentency - Azure consumption credit question

We are currently pursuing the Cloud Platform competency (silver) which has the following requirement:

  • Partners must demonstrate US $15000 Azure consumption within the previous 12 months

When I add our DPOR to our subscriptions, the resulting consumption credit that shows up in our dashboard is only for last month (when I added the DPOR).  We don't see any historical consumption credit (we have over $20k in the past 12 months).

Question - when associating a DPOR, should we be credited for historical consumption (previous 12 months) or does it only begin accruing consumption credit from the month that we associate the DPOR?


Hello! Revenue attribution starts at the time that the association is made and is not retroactive, so the behavior that you’re experiencing is by design.

Level 1 Contributor

When do credits get applied?  This is now the 2nd of July and I don't see anything for June.