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IOT platform for commercial building

 We own a 265,000 square foot commercial building that we are interested in converting to a  “smart” building based on an IOT platform and ecosystem of providers and the features and functionality they provide.


Our interest is to create a template for Holistically designed futureproof commercial properties in the United States. We intend to work with one Platform provider and it’s ecosystem in bringing this project to market.


Our company Commhub CRE has been in the business of creating Smart Buildings since 1998. Our portfolio of customers currently consists of 30,000,000 square feet of Class A properties and we have over the years provided them with end to end solutions based on our own “platform” and ecosystem. Not to be confused with current “BIOT” platforms that you and others currently detail on your web site.


We are interested in an end to end holistically designed program. To date no one has built a building infused with a total solution – we invite you to do so.


The building is being repositioned and can be taken to Shell & Core. It is located at 25 Van Zant Street, Norwalk Ct 06855 and consists of 265,000 square feet.


Please respond with your interest as soon as possible – we would value Microsoft as the lead on this project.

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Help me to learn more

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Looking at this project, I have great thoughts for a plataform with multi plugins for virtual reality. 

I would be interested in being apart of the project. 


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Hello i am intressted to work with Microsoft but i did not understand what you did saying in the email so can you please try explain another what like what is the project and what part did you say you gave? Best regards Terje Tennebekk 😀

Terje Tennebekk