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Register to the upcoming Cloud Adoption Framework workshops


Did you already register to the upcoming Cloud Adoption Framework workshops.

Why you should join?

In this is digital event we'll cover the overview of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure with a focus on helping customers prepare their cloud environments using Azure Landing Zones that serve as a foundation for customers’ identity, security, networking, operations and governance needs.

The sessions will also cover governance principles and operational best practices as described in the cloud adoption framework. During the second half of the day, customers will get hands on experience on  some of these concepts.​


Once you complete this event, you will have the necessary knowledge to prepare your cloud environments in alignment with the key design areas of the Azure Landing Zones and your organization’s identify, security, networking, operations and governance needs

What will be covered?
- The morning session will cover the principles of CAF, discuss your Cloud Strategy, unlock adoption using Landing Zones, go through an operating model that fits your needs, review your governance and management strategy and finally, explain how all this delivers tangible business outcomes.​
- The afternoon session will be more hands-on as you’ll be building that test environment.

Register now!
April 27 – Cloud Adoption Framework, register here: https://aka.ms/CAFApril