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Join us for Failure is no option, June 15th - July 7th

Partner community, 


We have a brilliant opportunity for you in the upcoming Failure is no option webinar series! 


Resilience is the ability of a system to respond to or recover from a crisis or disruption, e.g. after a cyper-attack. Through four webinars we'll provide you with our insights on how to improve the Resilience Score for each of your deployments discussing root causes and how to assure resilience.


Session 1: Introduction to Failure is not an Option and Setting the Migration Scene  (June 15th) 
In this session we will set the scene for the series what it will cover and what the impact is. Then we will tackle the first cloud hurdle: Migrations. Here we will discuss how a typical lift and shift can be more or better designed for failure.


Session 2: Approaching migration modernisation  (June 22nd)
Session 2 will be a discussion on how to approach an easier resilience by adding and or replacing IaaS elements by PaaS components


Session 3: The call for more elements and observability (June 29th)
This session is focused on additional elements like monitoring, DR and HA and what impact these things can have.


Session 4: Rub some DevOps and Security on it (July 6th)
This will give you insights on how to cope with those elements as implementing DevOps principles, some IaC (Infra as Code), security tools. Next to that we will also look at additional migration tools and services and how to interpret and use them.



We look forward seeing you!