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Don't miss out on our Security Upsell Academy || SMB December, 7th

Hello SMB Partner Community, 


Join us for our Security Upsell Academy taking place on December 7th! 


Revenue growth is always important but acquiring new customers can be expensive. There is a huge database of existing customers, so what better than taking these existing customers and moving them along the Microsoft stack? Not only can this give much greater value to the customers, empowering them with intelligent tools for better security and collaboration for example, but it can also mean greater revenue for the partner in both SKU costs and additional service benefits.


These sessions have been designed to help sellers construct the sales conversation from moving from SKU A to SKU B, not focusing just on product features, but instead on the current environment customers find themselves in and how the Microsoft portfolio can help solve those pain points.


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We look forward to supporting you on your Microsoft learning journey!