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Troubleshooting Portal Calendar View

I'm working in a Power Apps Portal and need to create a calendar that uses data from Engagement Opportunity records. I have created a list specifically for this calendar and mapped some, but not all, of the fields (which are not required, so I'm not thinking this is not a problem). I'm using this documentation.


While I can see a calendar, I cannot see the dates in the portal that exist on the Volunteer Management side. There is a vague red ribbon error above the calendar:  'There was a problem loading data for this calendar.


My research is showing that people just go for FullCalendar using liquid, but since it is preferrable that we use this out of the box option, I'm wondering if anyone here has some recent experience with this error? 


HI Frances1, 

I have contacted the SME regarding your question, while I wait to hear back, I suggest that you pose the question to the Microsoft for Nonprofits - Microsoft Tech Community as well.


Thanks for reaching out and as soon as I hear a solution to the question, I will update the response. 



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@AngelaH Thanks, I will post there as well. I will update if the tech community replies.