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updated on 7/22/2022

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Hi Angela,


I'm the CEO of Toyota in Israel. 
In one of my volunteering activities, I'm a member of a board of Appleseeds Charity. 
We have many members amongst the corporates and business sectors, and one of the ideas was to become a Microsoft affiliated reseller, and offer the business partners to buy the Microsoft licenses via the charity, and by that the margin gained will be served as a donation to promote technology training within unprivileged societies.  


Do you have any of such programs that allows non profit organizations to become resellers where the profits funneled to donation ? i.e "pay it forward" concept.


My email is:






Level 5 Contributor

This is a great idea Ran. I'm sure this can and has been done. There are a couple of non profit organisations who specialise in offering software to other non profits. 


Have a look at Tech Soup (https://israel.techsoup.global/) - they also have a partner in Israel (https://www.rashi.org.il/)


Good luck!