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Dynamic 360 license for Non profit organization

I am consulting a Nonprofit NGO in France that granted a 5 license for Microsoft dynamic. However, it turns out that for this part of the NGO grant in France, we need contact partners, which I don't know who they are. I have already applied for a dedicated form for this proposal without success. I was in touch with Microsoft support almost after more than a week; however, I don't have any concrete resolution. Do you have any Ideas? Do you know who are those official partners in France for this matter?


Hi ghalebi,

Thank you for reaching out.  The nonprofit NGO can procure the licenses from any CSP provider within France.

The SKU they require is a0c39332-cdc8-4d16-a52d-75a1cdfb93c1 (Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise Edition (Nonprofit Staff Pricing) donation).
If the nonprofit is not currently working with a partner, please search Indirect Cloud Solution Provider (microsoft.com) or Find the right app | Microsoft AppSource. 

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Community Manager

@AngelaH May be able to help us here. 🙂