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Partner Skilling

Formações para parceiros para acelerar as suas competências


Formações de Parceiros - Junho

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Caros Parceiros, destacamos, por área de solução, as seguintes propostas de formação a decorrer no mês de Junho.


  • Apps & Infra: 

27/05: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Azure Virtual Desktop

30/05-31/05: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Well-Architected

01/06-02/06: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Migrating On-Premises Infrastructure and Data

09/06: WEWC2776 Azure Admin Challenge Day

13/06-15/06: WEWC2678 Introduction to implementing Infrastructure as a Code using Azure Bicep

14/06-15/06: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: DevOps with GitHub

15/06-16/06: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Cloud-Native Apps

20/06-22/06: WEWC2838 Run Java Solutions *prioritized for Western Europe Partners

23/06-24/06: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Modernize .NET Apps


  • Data & AI: 

07/06-08/06Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Deliver Integrated Analytics with Azure Synapse

09/06: NLWC094 Partner Pledge Responsible AI Roundtable: How to be and stay positive with AI

14/06: DKWC069 Overview of data integrations in the Dynamics 365 family



  • Business Applications:

25/05: Performance Testing: Day In the Life testing for Finance and Operations apps

07/06: WEWC2835 Introduction to Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

09/06-10/06: Microsoft Power Platform Virtual Training Day: Rapidly Build Apps

14/06: DKWC045 Introducing Shopify for Business Central

15/06: Microsoft Power Platform Virtual Training Day: Automate Business Processes

15/06: TechTalk: Dynamics 365 Project Operations - Sales and Inception

16/06: Engineering Change Management - Overview in Dynamics 365 SCM

21/06: DKWC045 Onboarding your customers to Business Central


  • Modern Work & Security:

30/05-31/05: Microsoft Security Virtual Training Day: Protect Data and Manage Risk

01/06: Microsoft 365 Virtual Training Day: Microsoft Teams Phone

06/06-09/06: WEWC2677 Microsoft VIVA Bootcamp

06/06-09/06: RSA Conference

09/06-10/06: Microsoft 365 Virtual Training Day: Introduction to Microsoft Viva

09/06-10/06: Microsoft Security Virtual Training Day: Modernize Security and Defend Against Threats

16/06: Technical Training: Microsoft Defender for Business – Unboxing Part II


  • Licensing & Incentives:

01/06: HPWC102 Co-op Marketing Funds Office Hours

02/06: HPWC103 Partner association methods mapped to the incentive programs

07/06: HPWC104 June FY22 Incentives for Partners driving Active Usage

09/06: HPWC105 June FY22 Microsoft Commerce Incentives Office Hours

16/06: HPWC107 Microsoft Commerce Incentives for CSP Indirect Resellers