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Azure AD B2C Implementation Training

When: 24.11.2022, 01.12.2022 & 08.12.2022 | 08:30 – 11:30 CET each day

Where: Online


Dear Microsoft Partner,


we are happy to invite you to our Azure AD B2C Implementation Training.

Get a crystal clear implementation example for building an azure AD B2C implementation to meet current identity authentication challenges.


If you are a consultant, expert or administrator, in the field of identity & access management and are faced with the challenge of using Azure AD B2C, we can help you get started to create innovative and super-fast solutions.


In 3 modules you will get to know and use the most important and powerful techniques and tools. Right to the point and without much work through mountains of information, you get the central concepts and blueprints for creating Azure AD B2C solutions.


In step 1, you will get to know and implement a robust basic framework. A solid basic installation, identity provider integration, user flows, customizations and the integration of an application are no longer foreign words for you. You can lay the foundation yourself!


In step 2, you will learn the depths of custom guidelines in theory and direct application using crystal clear examples. The Claim Bag becomes your best friend and helps you to create solutions efficiently.


In step 3, we create a complete and convincing solution with the integration of different authentication and authorization methods, identity providers, a manageable and comprehensible set of guidelines, an adaptation of the UX and the integration into Azure DevOps.




  • 3 crystal clear sessions for theory and practice
  • 3 Challenges for Implementing the Sample Solutions Supported by a Private GitHub Repository
  • Focused solution descriptions including the most important information to look up



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We are looking forward meeting you online!