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We were not able to verify your email domain. / Employment Verification failed

Dear Microsoft

We are trying to validate our legal info for over than a month without success.


Unfortunately there is an error in the Employment Verification process and as far as we can see on the forum here a lot of other members are experiencing delays and similar issues.


Question is: I have opened a support Ticket ID 2104120040006172 where all required documentation (company registration, site registration, all legal documents) are attached but there's still no answer to this request (not even an acknowledgement that the ticket is taken over), how long normally takes for this Verification process to be completed/verified?


I'm not exactly sure how the process works, i'm sorry for any issues. 


Thanks for your support !


Hi @viniciucoelho,


No worries, thank you for posting on the community!

Your case is assigned to an agent, so it will be handled. Additionally I have forwarded internally your case for investigation.

Regarding the duration this really depends on what additional information is required, so it is a case by case situation.

If you don`t hear back in the next 2 business days, fee free to follow-up here.


Thank you,