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Unable to proceed past Business Verification to become a Microsoft Partner

MPN Support Ticket number: 2104090040001145

This ticket is not progressing, as no feedback is being received.  Please help me resolve this!





As a Sole Proprietor, I urge MPN Partner Portal onboarding process to be more accommodating and inclusive of this business group.  Your standard requirements is a barrier to entry for Micro Businesses and Start-ups who are eager to contribute to the Microsoft Partner eco-system as Sole Proprietors.


Please adjust and improve your MPN onboarding process to be inclusive and user-friendly for ALL business entities, not just corporations.

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It's a complete nightmare isn't it. 

I managed to verify my business but then there was an issue with CSP menu not working in the portal even though it showed I was enrolled. I opened a support ticket and without any response from support I was magically unenrolled from CSP.  I then re-enrolled and the menu works now but it triggered another verification and now i'm stuck on business verification again and support will not accept the documents this time that they accepted literally two days prior. 

I am actually starting to think that the tickets are not handled by real people, I keep getting the exact same generic response, one response a day seems to be the limit so every time I reply I have to then wait another day to get the same response again, I must have been through 3 or 4 tickets now. 

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Hello @OGrein ,


Thanks for sharing this experience with the community! Can you share your latest ticket # please?

Also note that is best to keep track on one ticket only.


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Hi @Andra ,

My latest ticket is 2105120040006941. 



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Hi @SaharaSnow ,


I really appreciate you provided this feedback on the community!

Just forwarded your care internally for further investigations, please allow a couple of business days to receive an update.


Thank you for understanding,