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Renewal stuck on Employment Verification



1. renewal is stuck on employment verification. No data has changed in four years. never had a problem with renewal.
2. no response to ticket 2201260040001598 created 1/26/2022 still OPEN

3. unable to create a new ticket. "Problem type" is not active. Sometimes it is, but then "Review solution" is inactive.

4. the deadline to renew a ticket has passed. (What should I do now?).

5. frustration overload.

... --- ... help ...---...

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I have the same issue, been a partner for 10+years, any news on yours how did you get hold of support?

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@TheGeMan You can submit a support ticket via


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Hello Community,


We have the same issue with support ID 2202010040004486, which we opened about 17 days ago,  without  any response.   And now our membership is due to expire in 4 days which will have an immediate impact on our business.


We are in contact with our CSP Indirect Provider,  who have been helpful but we are totally perplexed by the lack of response to what is now a seriously urgent requirement as it is likely to have an impact on both our own business and our customers who we manage and resell services to.


Is there any way to expedite a remedy?





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Hello IN2COM 

Just wondering. Any news in your case? No changes in mine. Still on Employment Verification.

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I had the same issue. Been ongoing for about 4-5 weeks now. Once you've opened a support case and had someone assigned you need to ping them everyday. Literally every day. About 10 days ago was when the support tech advised my case had been escalated. Yesterday I finally received a response requesting domain ownership verification. Now comes the part where I need to ping support every day again to get a result. I also found that my CSP relationship to our distributor has disappeared. You may want to check that as well.