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Regarding Renewal of Microsoft Action pack and Silver Learning Partner Membership

Dear Team,


We have Microsoft action pack which will go for renewal on 15th Nov'20 and also we are silver learning member which will go for renewal on 15th Dec'20. 


Want to know do we need to renew both the subscriptions? 

What is the difference between Action pack and silver membership renewal. 

Kindly advice us.


Action pack is an option to obtain certain internal use right licenses and support benefits without the need to become Partner om Silver or Gold level.

Silver Membership level does also include internal use right licenses and technical benefits - actually a lot more benefits than Action Pack because Silver status means you have achieved a certain competency, so it is a superior membership level and thus includes more benefits (the Silver fee is also higher than the Action Pack costs).

So if you renew your Silver membership it not be required to also obtain Action pack - but it depends on what you need, you can have both.

See https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/membership/compare-offers for an overview about the levels.



Level 2 Contributor

Dear JanoschUlmer, 

We applied for silver learning partner under MPN, however we are not reflecting under learning partner category in microsoft authorised training partner list. And in our login it's showing as silver partner MPN and CSP only. Can you guide us to how to find that in which category we are authorised under MPN. How to get that learning partner enrollment. Kindly guide us.



@Srini_R : Additionally - if you search for the learning option (become certified MS Learning Partner) - you need to look under the respective competencies - not all competencies offer a learning option. See these resources to get the enrollment guide: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/marketing/assets/collection/learning-option-enrollment#/

Community Manager

Hi @Srini_R ,


Thanks for sharing your query with the community!

You might need to link your MPN ID to your Learning ID, please follow these instructions: https://support.microsoft.com/en-sg/help/2966380/link-or-unlink-an-mcp-id-to-or-from-a-partner-organization


To what Janosch mentioned, I am adding the supporting documentation.

You can start by comparing these offers here:https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/membership/compare-offers

Also you can read more about the Silver and Gold competencies. MAPS can be a nice complement to your competencies!



Other resources:

Action Pack

Renew offers


Hope this helps,