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Partner Migration Woes + MPN Silver/Gold Status: "In Progress"

Partner Community --

Over the last 9 months, we have been attempting to migrate from a Direct Provider to an Indirect Provider with Microsoft. We were one of the early partners to request the migration, however, it was very much a backend process, instead of a "click to migrate" that is available now. It took almost 6 months to get the migration to happen, and we determined a few weeks ago that we are stuck somewhere inbetween. 


Specifically, Microsoft support had us open a new partner tenant ( outside of our direct tenant ( We transferred our MPN to the new partner tenant ( which during that transfer, we didn't have access to any of our MPN data nor did anyone have access to our Partner Scorecard. Finally, as of a month ago, all of our customers + revenue is listed under the new tenant.


Now that we have access to our MPN again, we've qualified for Silver/Gold in multiple competencies.


On April 16th, 2019, We went ahead and purchased the Action Pack, and we received email confirmation + benefits. That same day, we also purchased the Silver membership. The charge showed up on our corporate credit card, but we never received an email confirmation, or the benefits. (This is the second time in under a year we purchased the action pack + Silver membership).


The "Purchased Offers" section under our MPN > Membership Offers -- shows the Silver Membership as "In Progress". It's been this way since April 16th, 2019. Meanwhile our corporate card still has the charge listed for the Silver membership. (no reversal)


So we are stuck, again, with our MPN which is stopping us from executing Planning Services engagements + receiving our benefits. Additionally, when we complete the cloud productivity proctured certifications, I'm concerned that it will also stop us from getting our Gold Status.


We are at a point that we just want this fixed so we can continue to grow our Microsoft practice. We've opened three tickets (one through our partner center, one through online chat, and one through our direct cloud enablement desk,) and there has been no progress on any of the above. 


Is there anything else we should be doing? Has anyone else seen this?


In Microsoft, I have a feeling that unicorn situations get the least amount of attention -- which is sad because we are killing it in growth with Microsoft right now.


Any help would be appreciated.