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Microsoft Action Pack renwal and benefits



I just realized that my Action Pack subscription has expired on 14-Feb-2021, and I've got a statement that says : " You can renew your membership only after the commencement of renewal start date. You can continue to access your benefits for up to 30 days after your renewal date begins." : 


1- When I select :Offers available for purchase  I get a "Subscribe" and not a "Renew" button, does that mean that I'm unable to renew and need to purchase a new action pack? and more importantly, am I going to lose any benefits when Subscribing instead of Renewing ( Which is anyway unavailable ).


2- After researching for a while, I could not find the benefits list of an Action Pack Subscipriton up to this date, and the thing that matters most to our organization is to know if the subscription to Action Pack, will guarentee us access to Office 365, Azure, And our 100 Microsoft Teams Exploratory licenses. 


Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Chemseddine ,


Kudos for reaching out to the community! 👍

Please review the official guidance on this topic Renew your MPN offers - Partner Center | Microsoft Docs and if needed submit a case to support for question #1.

For #2 you can find here the list of subscriptions that come with Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS)



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Thank you for those answers