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MS Silver Partner - SCCM License for internal use - Software Assurance Date?

Hello together,


the MS partner telefone support couldn't help me out, or couldn't make a clear statement.


My challenge is, we want to test internally the SCCM. This server hast no long term version like SCCM 2019. The server is only available as a short term SCCM 1809 / 1902 / ... installation! But as a partner I can download it from the MS Partner software benefits website. From there I also get a license code for the installation, but no Software Assurance? Or?


Now my problem, during the installation I get the request to enter a end date for my Software Assurance. As a partner I do not have this. In my company we bought either boxed, for example Visual Studios,...., software, or we use/test the Partner Benefit Software.


Do I really need to buy a extra Software Assurance as a MS Silver Partner? Why do I have a license code from the MS Partner website, but also have to buy Software Assurance? Or is my end date from my yearly Partnership the end date for my implicit Software Assurance?