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Joining MPN stuck on Employment verification

We are trying to join MPN, however we have been stuck on the the Employment Verification step. 

The exact message is: 

"We were not able to verify your email domain. Follow below instructions to fix"

I have chatted with support a few times, however that is not going anywhere. They have asked me to update my office 365 profile etc. which I have done, however we are still stuck on that step of the process.

I have also read the Business verification - We were not able to verify your business details forum post and one of the users recommends that we submit an incident. Which I tried, however when I click on Submit Incident I get to a page which tells me that I do not have access to and I decided to post in the community having exhausted all other means (well I still have not tried to call but I will need to mentally prepare for a call a bit longer 🙂 ).


Can anyone help out with getting past this step?

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Hi CloudRicher,


No, we have not progressed.  Keep trying different versions of the same things and getting rejected on the employment verification.   I have only worked on the MPN legal info.  It appears they may also be asking for something in CSP.  I will spend some more time today, reply to the ticket again... and see what we get.  Will definitely share here when we get resolution.


Best Regards!


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@v-jillarmour - I've got exactly the same issue as literally everyone else on this thread. Probably more of an issue because I've finally been blocked from submitting information. Either because I've timed out or used the upload system to complain.


Any idea how long it's going to take to get my support ticket looked at? 


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Also having the same problem. Support haven't responded to my ticket in a few weeks.


Ticket: 2106300010001110

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Hi @jjm ,


Happy Monday!

Your account should be authorized now, can you please confirm?



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we have exactly the same problem.
Ticket ID: 2107200040002191

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Case Number: 2107150040003338 (again).


Has anyone been verified since Monday (19/07) this week? It's now Thursday and I haven't heard either way. Is there anything additional I need to do? Have clients that I might have to give inaccurate quotes to if this continues much longer...


EDIT: MS have cancelled the original support request, my new ID is: 2107220040004205

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Good evening,

Same issue no answer since 7/15/21. Verified the email prompts and keeps failing anyway. Frustrating!

Ticket  Request ID



Thanks for any help!

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Hi @wolkeadmin ,


Happy Monday!

Your account should be authorized now, please confirm.



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Same thing as the others....

Stuck on Account verification failed. Have uploaded every possible legal document indicating status of company, EIN and ownership, domain name ownership, etc. Submitted a support ticket on July 11. Haven't heard a thing.


Partner Request ID 2107110040000417


Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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I've also the same problem..

Request info

Request title

Rejected by Employment verification




A little help is welcome 🙂

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For this many people/companies to have this many problems there has got to be something fundamentally wrong here. Can Microsoft not sort this? This is affecting paying customers!!

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As business we have been sold by our old owners and are trying to get our MPN status sorted so that we can continue to work with MS as we have been for many years!

We are stuck at Employment Verification stage.

I have raised a ticket: #2108230040001889  

I have attached and uploaded the requested documentation with the ticket.

I have received no communication or updates via email or on the ticket directly.

We are blocked on our current MS integration and are working with the UK Gov, this work is also now blocked as we don't yet have our MPN ID.


Please can you escalate internally?  or point me in the right direction for what is going wrong?  (Documentation read and many threads like this read to try and see if there was any gotchas!)



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Me too. Need to get fixed ASAP please.

Ticket ref: 2107210010000513




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Hi @Smeeagain ,


Thanks for sharing the case #!

Looks like you need to upload some information around your Domain registration. Please work with support on the case for now.




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I am having the exact same issue. It is now causing our business not to have access to our customers. I do not understand why this started happening this morning. Need this resolved ASAP. Seems like many partners are having the same issue so this must be something Microsoft has changed and like everything they don't respond fast enough for the partners who are trying to sell their products. Something is wrong with this picture.


our case number is 2107200040004888

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hi @Safetynet ,


Thanks for your message, this is just to let you know I forwarded your case internally for a check.

I trust you will receive an update in the next 48 hours, otherwise please feel free to send me a PM.


Have a great day ahead,


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Experiencing the same as others, stuck on employment verification / apparent email domain issues - support haven't responded to me in 13 days.


Aside from the occasional address change, my details have remained the same for 7 years - seems like there is a fundamental problem with the way partner accounts are managed now.





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Case Number: 2107150040003338


Exact same problem - wouldn't be too bad if anyone responded but the complete silence is torture!

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Same problem, 

I am sitting  on   Employment Verification. 


Support request number: 2107150040002749



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I have the same problem. Case number 2107130040001415

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Same issue here, ticket number 2107160010000092. One would think that it would be easier to give money to Microsoft!

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I am having the same problem...Ticket number 2107130040004945.  Can someone please assist?

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@AndrewStalker and @dan2541 ,


I was informed your accounts have been authorized, please can you confirm everything is working now?


Thank you,