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How on earth do I join the partner network

So I go through the steps to join but when I enter my phone number to verify it gives me this. Sorry, we need additional information to verify your identity. Please contact Office 365 Support.
Enter your phone number and we'll send a verification code. Microsoft won't use this phone number for other purposes without your permission.

I've contacted support several times and either get sent to another link or someone to tell me this is not their expertise and sends me to another number to call. 

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here is a screenshot




I am from the engineering team that supports Partner Center sign-up, I am looking into the issue that causes this error that you see on this site, In the meantime - can you drop me an email at my email kiranban@microsoft.com and we can get this resolved,





Hi Robert,


This is odd!


I suggest that you try a different phone number just for the sake of it - and also try the two option. If you're still having problems, then I suggest that you take a look at your account and try with another account (or set up a new one). You can also try 'In-Private' browsing as the system might be confused with the account attached to your computer.



Regards, Per