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How long until competencies expire?

For existing competencies, how long do they remain with a partner if they no longer meet the requirements? We are consolidating organisations and with the impending change to the program, are trying to time when to have employees migrate their certifications. The "merge MPN" scenario will not work for us as we are moving organisations we have purchased from "all in one" tenancies that host their business services and CSP/MPN to separate tenancies dedicated to different functions. 


Do the competencies expire straight away? in 30 days? at next renewal?




@jgriffin : At next renewal.

Btw, there is no issue with using the merge functionality - for separating out CSP to different tenants the MPN merge has no impact at all (MPN merge does not change anything in CSP) , and for only making MPN management available from certain tenants you can adjust this after merge. If you do not merge, you might impact sales history, maybe incentives - generally in almost any scenario doing the merge is the right option. You can connect with me directly to discuss. 



Kind regards, Janosch
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