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Error 715-123160 when ordering Action Pack


Can anyone help me with this problem? When trying to order the Action Pack, error 715-123160 appears and access to the order is blocked with information to contact technical support.

After contacting support I received an email result:


Microsoft runs on trust, and therefore we engage in a rigorous set of evaluation and certification processes across third party individuals and organizations. As a result of our internal processes, we are unable to reactivate your access.

Please note that this decision cannot be changed by opening a new support case. 

Unfortunately there is nothing more that we can do on our side to help you, therefor I will have to proceed to close this case.


The response does not give a single reason why we were denied access after 15 years of use Action Pack.

Yet we have many clients in CSP Office 365 that we have brought to Microsoft.

Is there any way to escalate the issue? They say not to create a new ticket and that they can't help us. So who can?


Thank you for any advice

Pavel Hertl

Community Manager

Hi Pavel,


Can you share the ticket number please?



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Hi Andra,


Sorry for the late reply. I asked for help from my local Microsoft office and expected them to sort it out. Earlier this week, the local Microsoft office told me that they could not help me.They say that support refuses to address this with them and the disbandment is final. I absolutely do not understand this. If you have any way to help us, I would be grateful. I also tried asking the distributor (Techdata) for help this week.


Ticket number is 2109070040001577