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Confusion over renewing Internal Use O365


Hi, I recently renewed my Action Pack (Sept 2018) thinking that would automatically renew my O365 internal use subscription which expired today. This did not appear to be the case as the Admin portal was showing an expired subscription. So, I grabbed the Action Pack Product key for my 5 internal users and added that to my current tenancy through the Admin portal. I now see 10 licences and all appear to be active but have an expiry of 2nd April 2019 I had expected this to be 1 October 2019 with 5 active and 5 expired. I'm guessing I've done something wrong here but the question is what? And how do I correct it?


Thanks in advance


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I have a related problem.


My service was stopped yesterday so i renewed it (Microsoft Action Pack); however, i still have no service at all.


How do i get it to activate my licenses?



Renewing Action pack alone will not extend the subscription, you need to activate the key/token for O365 in your tenant. So go to the Partner Center --> MPN --> Benefits and then follow the activation steps for the respective software/subscription benefit. 

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I have been an Action Pack for 15 or more years (though it might have been called something else prior to MAPS) and have just had the worst experience in all our years of dealing with MAPS renewals, Partner program and Partner support.

I am not sure when renewing the Action Pack subscription stopped automatically renewing IUR licenses and other benefits and we were required to activate or re-activate benefits. Somewhere along the line the renewal and benefits expiration dates got out of sync by a few days and now over a month (9/20/2018 Action Pack auto-renewal date but 10/23 expiration of O365 E3 benefits).

The email received when the MAPS auto-renewed on 9/20 included a link that said "View and manage your benefits" that went to an entirely new dashboard panel from what I was familiar with. I tried the previous link stored in Favorites and it linked to the new Partner Center as well.

The email link included a list of 3 options with radio buttons for MAPS benefits or some other terminology including Action Pack, "ISV"-something and "Learning"-something. I opened another tab and searched for anything about MAPS benefit options or bundles without finding anything.
Out of curiosity, I selected the "ISV-whatever option" and clicked the button without ever imagining what happened next which was that our MAPS benefits were set to the ISV-whatever option with no way of going back to the standard/basic set of Software options (Windows, desktop Office, Visio, servers, etc.), that we have ALWAYS used and need to support our clients.
When I realized that there was no way to change it back, I immediately opened a chat support session and was told by the rep that he could not take care of it but would escalate the issue. He also commented that I was not the first to do this. He said that I would get an email when it was reset to the "standard" benefits. He also told me to NOT activate or use any of the benefits included under the ISV option as that would prevent the escalation team from resetting the benefits to the standard Action Pack.
This was on 10/23.

I waited two days with no response and then called the Partner Support number. That rep said it was just waiting on the escalation team echoing that other Partners had expressed confusion over the new Partner Center and dashboards and, again, that I was not the first to do this.

On 11/9 -- 2-1/2 weeks after the first chat session -- I received the following email:

Hi Steve,
Apologies for the late update as I need to check all possible options for you.
According to our escalations team, sadly we won't be able to switch the benefits from ISV pack to Microsoft Action Pack because according to them, there is a 30 day grace period to request for the switch from the date between the Action pack was purchased and the date when we received the request of the switch.
It shows on your account that the Action Pack was purchased September 19 2018 and we received your request to have it switched on October 23, 2018 which is already past 30 day grace period.
I hope you understand this matter as the escalations was not able to grant your request.

First, the invoice is dated 9/20 -- not 9/19 (then again, the invoice copy available for download from the Partner Center does not even include the sales tax that was charged).
More importantly, the benefits did not expire till 10/23 so that is when I went to re-activate/enable or whatever which is when the issue occurred. 
Today -- 11/15 -- I made another call to Partner Support and was told that this could not be done due to being beyond the 30-day "grace period" policy of Microsoft.
I am not asking for a refund.
I have not activated a single license or benefit listed under my benefits section.

When I asked what else could be done to rectify this I was told that the only option that the rep could offer was for me to purchase another Action Pack in order to get the standard benefits bundle -- which was the only option that I have ever used or been offered to the best of my knowledge.

Truly unbelievable!
For the life of me, I cannot understand this when all it would take is some admin changing a setting or running a PowerShell script.

FWIW, I am semi-retired and work with mostly tiny non-profits (Autism support, Literacy ...) that purchase discounted Office 365 subscriptions as 501(c)3 organizations which I then help them manage and train staff charging pretty much only enough to cover my annual MAPS fee and other expenses.

Sure doesn't do much to instill loyalty to a "partner."


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I feel your pain! We just went through the same experiance.

We have been a Microsoft Partner for 10 years, each year Microsoft becomes tigher with their benifits and it's now just a joke.

We renewed our MAPS December 2018, added our O365 E3 licenes onto our account and it increased our total count to 15.

This was not what we wanted or required, we simpily wanted to extend the period - not add more licenses. At the time there were limited options and i found no way to extend the renewal period via the portal.

Renewal date for MAPS is still December 2019 however our O365 licenses are now all expired. 

Contacted partner support on many occasions and they cannot make any changes at all to help us out.

We cannot renew MAPS to get our 5 licenses back as it's still in subscription with 10 months left...

Support have provided no options or advice other then to pay full price for E3 licenses that we have purchased as part of MAPS. 

At a loss on what to do next, looks like we will not renew MAPS or Silver membership again as this was the only benifit we actually were able to use. 

Very frustrating Microsoft!

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We are currently experiencing similar. Were you able to figure out how to get the Office 365 E3 licenses to what your benefits entitled you to?  We have an active ticket with the MS Partner Team and do not have a solution. Thanks.

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To help everyone with this issue, as we finally got ours resolved, please do the the following:


1. Submit a ticket to O365 support (not the Partner support ticket they won't be able to do anything) when your selected license enters the grace period (ie. within 30 days after your licenses expire). They will then extend the grace period until your renewal date + a few days

2. Pay for your subscription renewal ASAP, as then you will then get new license keys

3. Apply the new keys before your extend expires


Repeat step 1 for all expired licenses


Hope this helps fellow partners 🙂


@AnupMistry :

As mentioned above, the software benefits can be activated from Partner Center.

More detailed guidance is here: 


Maybe also helpful: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2966368/benefits-overview-in-partner-center-downloading-activating-software


If you could give more details on where exactly you are stuck it would help giving more detailed guidance.

Kind regards,