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Action Pack Renewal

I have been trying for over 5 months to get my Microsoft Action Pack renewed as I am getting hung up on either E-Mail ownership or Employment Verification.  I have opened several tickets (Current One: 2102270040000574) with Partner Support and tried all suggestions and still I am unable to get past both of these items.  One "Issue" was that I did not have a Domain Renewal that was under 12 months - given I renew my domain for either 3 or 5 years this is not possible.  About 2.5 months into this process and several e-mails later I received an notification that my e-mail ownership was verified and now I needed to wait for the Employment verification - I waited another month with no response and requested and received a follow-up stating that my Company Name did not match what was on the invoice I sent to prove that I owned the domain and that I needed to  - below:

We are following up on your recent support ticket 2102270040000574  . Can you please provide an update regarding the documentation/changes required to complete the vetting process.

  • Domain invoice at registration or renewal that lists Entity/User name and domain as it is stated on account
  • Official business document, such as a business registration form, business charter, or articles of incorporation that lists Entity name and address as it is stated on account
  • If not possible to provide additional documentation, please update account information to match documents already provided.

So I updated the information as requested an now my e-mail verification failed.  So now I back to square one, I am my own business and do side work when opportunities avail themselves. So I am not exactly sure what is needed.  To make matters worse my M365 Subscription is ending on the 17th of June and I am unable to renew w/o the key from my Action Pack.  My only option now is to purchase the "Home" version in hopes of not loosing access until I can sort this out.

To say I am frustrated is an understatement and after going through some of the posts here it seems that Microsoft has a real problem in this area - the fact we can't even live chat with a rep much less speak to an individual is unconscionable.  Too further add to my frustration is the numerous e-mail I receive detailing all of the benefits of the Microsoft Partner Program and how I should leverage Microsoft Action Pack to make be a better Partner - odd.


Finally and for full transparency I am a small player - I don't bring in the big bucks to Microsoft but I do have influence on what and how we implement Microsoft Solutions within the organization.  Like may others that are experiencing the same issues I am at various levels, I too have been subscribed to Microsoft's Action Pack since they were shipping out CD/DVDs.  At the end of the day all I want is my Action Pack renewed, my services re-enabled and the stress of going through this process finished. 



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Hi @IngramQ ,


Thank you for your detailed feedback. 

Please note I have forwarded internally for investigation.
As you have provided similar content on other threads, I am keeping just this post for tracking purposes for you. Rest of the content has een removed to avoid spamming.


Thank you for your patience,


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Hi @Andra ,


I would like to take advantage of some of the MPN offers. I have review the pinned message at the top of the forum for Action Pack renewal and we meet the requirements.


I have all of the verification and I am the administrator but keep getting told:


MPN offers are not yet launched in your country.


When navigating to Membership offers (


I am the MPN Partner Admin and the MPN status is active (screenshots attached).


I think it is that we are a Partner in the Bahamas. How can we resolve this?




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Hi @AstrisDave ,


I think the best would be to post this question to support by submitting a case, assuming the location is correct.

Support team can likely advise on the available benefits for your account.


Thank you,