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Action Pack - Permanently Blocked

I’m doing it here cause I’m a bit running into a big issue with Microsoft and I don’t understand what to do.

Last year a created my partner account and enrolled into the CSP program.

Then I tried to buy the action pack via wire bank cause, I didn’t have a credit card back then but I didn’t understand what to do transfer the money so I canceled the order.

Then I tried to order back with credit card and poof I started to get an error 715-123160 each time.

I tried the Frontline Support but here what I get each time:


Hello Maxime,

I hope you’re doing well,  this is in reference to the ticket number 2110200040007169 about getting a 715 error while purchasing action pack.

 I have received the result from our escalations about the investigation and I will lay out the message to you.

"Thank you for your interest in the Microsoft partner program. We are committed to ethical and responsible business practices, as noted in the Partner Code of Conduct. Following an in-depth review of your case, we are unable to unblock your account."

"OneVet comes back with a notice that the account is permanently blocked:"

  Compliance for Microsoft Representatives | Microsoft Legal

  And as per escalation, I will be closing this ticket since result has been given.

  Again, thank you for your valuable time and understanding, Maxime.

  For other new queries, please submit a ticket on Partner Center. Steps on how to create a ticket in Partner Center:

Learn more about Partner Center:

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Frontline Support Advocate (MPN)

Majorel (International Supplier)

I don’t understand Why, be it seems I broke the Partner Code of Conduct, and they cant tell me why.


And each time it took forever to get an answer.

I mean, I’m actually trying to get Silver, but it’s the same place to order so I’m gonna get the same error.

They wont even tell me what I did, what is not working?

I'm just trying to understand.