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ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes to Azure Everywhere

Hi team -- I wanted to bring this announcement to your attention to better anticipate the needs of your partners that leverage PIE's Azure Everywhere.
To provide the best value for partners and maximize Microsoft’s investment in eligible Modernization and Migration Projects., we’re adding a check for Azure Migration and Modernization Program to the PIE Portal intake process beginning tomorrow Friday, February 4th.
What to Expect
  • When partners log into the PIE Portal and select Azure Everywhere, they will be newly prompted to answer 3 specific questions to determine if their customer is eligible for AMMP
  • If the customer is eligible, partners will be prompted to contact their customer’s Microsoft Account Team for assistance
  • If the customer is not eligible, partners will continue through the intake form for Azure Everywhere as normal
The process is very simple, but as with anything new, may bring questions and hesitation. Please review the Azure Migration and Modernization Program to familiarize yourself with the program and its benefits, and know that if your partner is submitting a claim that is AMMP eligible, it must go to AMMP and the PIE intake process will stop and route them accordingly.
The partner community call covering this change can be viewed here. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

US Partner Investments Team

Level 1 Contributor

Hi Ben,


I have submitted a request for the Ready Govern workshop and Adopt phase. I now have to resubmit the request as the timeline to work on the activity has been updated. However the system doesn't allow me to resubmit the request and it is rendered cancelled. Can you please help here.