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Move fast and fix "Things": Build trust in digital transformation with Security Twins

Your digital transformation is increasingly fueled by data from Connected Things, but Connected Things are only secure until they are not. How can you trust the data they produce to make the right business decisions?


When Things need fixing, the cyber-security supply chain must work together – it’s a team sport: Thing makers create patches, system integrators test compatibility, owners approve upgrades, maintenance teams schedule downtime and auditors keep account of everyone’s actions. Keeping on top of all that is hard – it’s no wonder most organizations don’t. 


Jitsuin Archivist uses distributed ledger technology to bring greater collaboration, transparency and automation to the task of securing connected devices. Jitsuin Archivist builds Security Twins for every Thing enabling trust in digital transformation to make faster, better business decisions while reducing business risk from Connected Things and lowering costs of compliance.


Join us to see how Microsoft partner, Jitsuin Security Twins, enrich and reinforce your data, while revealing, reducing, and reporting risk.