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What if our Partner tenant for CSP is not the same as our primary, internal use Azure AD tenant....

Many of the conversations here seem to assume that, as a Microsoft Partner, we have a single Azure AD tenant. In our case, we maintain a separate Azure AD tenant which is not tied to the tenant where we manage our CSP customers. The Azure AD tenant that we use to access our customers as a partner (as admin agents) have a limited amount of users, used solely for accessing customer tenants. All of those accounts have MFA enabled.


What's the consideration in this case?


EDIT: Reviewing all the posts, it would seem to me that we're not immediately impacted by this enforcment as our production tenant is separate from the one where which we manage our CSP customers.


@cdandrea in this circumstance you are only required to enforce MFA for each user in your partner tenant. It is recommended that you implement similar security measures for your corporate tenant, but it is not required.