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MFA Issue, the approve notification on my mobile's Authenticator App is not showing

when I log in to my account with MFA,  it says it has sent a notification to approve on the authenticator mobile app, nothing is coming up to approve on my mobile so I am stuck here and consequently, I cannot log in to my MS partner account or Azure portal. the only alternative option shows to use a code from the Authenticator app which also ended up that I cannot find the same account in the Authenticator app. even though it was showing the approve notifications when I initially had configured the MFA, frankly I am in a loop and do not know how to reset the MFA option.


Any other Admin account can reset your MFA registration information in AzureAD management in Azure portal. 

If there are not other admins, not even an emergency admin, and you have not configured an alternative MFA option like phone, the only way is to contact Azure Support to get this account reset: https://aka.ms/AzurePortalHelp

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