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Power BI in Office 365


I am asked to work on a Dashboard project using Power BI. This will be implemented in Office 365 site. I was unable to find a properly explaining tutorial related to Power BI in office 356. I am having following confusions in Power BI for Office 365.

  • What is the different between Power BI in Office 365 and MS Office Excel.?

  • What is the connection betweer Power BI in Office 365 and MS Office Excel.?

  • Can I create a Power BI report in Office 365 without my locally installed Office Excel?

  • Is Q & A feature already included in Power BI or is it something else?

  • Can a Power BI view included in a website component?

  • What is the different between Excel Web services and Power BI?

  • Would like know resources for examples of how to ?

Is the following idea correct?

Power BI has the same visualization power as Office Excel Application. We create Visualizations using Power BI in locally using Office Excel and then we upload it to Office 365 and we can Interact with the visualizations as the same in the web?

Is it that everything has to be done in the local Office Excel file noting has to be done in Office 365?

Even though there are data sources configuration for Power BI in Office 365. That is to create Odata?

Thank You

Honey Asin

Level 1 Contributor

HI - I think I have a solution for you to take a look at - We used this platform as a training tool on Power BI and it would like a champ.  Let's connect and I give you a demostration of the tool that embraces Power BI. 


Here is alittle information about ClipTraining - we only work with Partner and this product is hotter than hotcakes!

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Hope to connect with you - Daphney Kirby dkirby@cliptraining.com

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Hi @Anonymous, good questions. I have emailed someone and will let you know what I learn.