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Microsoft Office patch offline update under closed network.

Dear MS Support,

Based on client in a closed network that cannot access internet. For the windows OS update. I was using the MBSA offline scan to found out the patches. But if found the MBSA that haven't the Office component scanning report. 

May i know have any solution can be perform the Office update quickly?

Best Regards

Alan Cheng

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Is there offline patches for Office 2019? I want to update Office 2019 from version 16.0.10343.20013 to 16.0.10343.20042 or above. 

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Hey @shafznaz ,


Generally speaking you can look up the Tech Community , you can bookmark this Url, right now the site is undergoing maintenance.

Microsoft Community is another option to look for answers.

@DSPatrick do you have any documentation handy?




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