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GPO for power management leaves all systems at 1 minute screen timeout

After creating a new GPO, using the latest 1903 ADMX policies, that defines screen timeout as 60 minutes when powered on, every single system now shows 1 minute and, of course, the user can't change it.  No matter the timeout I set in the GPO, all the Win10 Pro boxes, all running 1903, get 1 minute. 


We also disabled S1/S3 and automatic sleep because users were complaining they were unable to RDP to their desktops on the VPN.  


Basically, we want the old "Always On" power scheme with the added 60 minute monitor timeout when plugged in.  No, I don't want to install Caffeine, I shouldn't have to.


I'm going to need another GPO for this customer who is deploying 23 kiosks to do equipment rental on locked down Win10 Pro machines.  Those systems will run one program that users can enter their rental info in but they can't go to sleep or have the stupid Windows 10 lockout screen kick them out after a few minutes of usage.  This is a very small business and has zero need or desire to go to Win10 Enterprise so please don't suggest that. 


It's important to note, that their rental system will run just fine on Linux so if Win10 Pro won't solve it for them they'll just buy these 23 systems with no OS and we'll run Linux on them. 


Thoughts on this?  

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I'd try reaching out to windows 10 experts here in dedicated forums.


and group policy experts over here.