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Microsoft Defender for Business Webinar Series

Liebe Partner, 


für Schnellentschlossene findet an den nächsten 2 Donnerstagen (diese Woche, leider an einem Feiertag) jeweils ein Webinar zum Thema: Microsoft Defender for Business statt.

Anmeldung bitte über den jeweiligen Link. 



Technical Training: Microsoft Defender for Business – Unboxing Part II

This webinar will continue to unbox the features in Defender for Business, and we will show an example of how to use APIs with Defender for Business to automate reporting and run value reports for TVM scenarios. Expect a downloadable example you can work with right away. 



Sales Training: Drive a Customer Conversation on Security with Microsoft Defender for Business and Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Learn about Microsoft Defender for Business and how it stands above traditional endpoint protection. Discover the opportunity inherent in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse integration with Defender for Business and Business Premium to help partners quickly identify and act on threats across all their customers. You’ll also find out how to start an upsell conversation about Microsoft 365 Business Premium with your customers, leveraging the added value of Microsoft Defender for Business.  



Bei Fragen, gerne hier im Chat oder ihr kontaktiert mich per Teams oder Mail. 


Liebe Grüße, Tamara