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Enabling your customers to secure their hybrid workplace




The widespread shift to remote work early last year catalyzed what our CEO Satya Nadella described as “two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months.”  


Now, a new wave of change is expected as organizations globally shift to a hybrid workplace. 

While this blistering pace of tech-fueled evolution generates exciting new opportunities for the entire Microsoft partner ecosystem, it also uncovers new challenges for our customers to navigate, and one of the primary concerns for any organization is cybersecurity. The massive shifts in how and where we work have bred new types of threats from cyber bad actors, and the broader adoption of the hybrid workplace is expected to result in additional vulnerabilities. 


Microsoft processes more than 8 trillion signals every 24 hours, and repelled a record-breaking 30 billion email threats last year. Despite these efforts, the world has entered what Microsoft CVP Vasu Jakkal referred to as “a realm of next-level attacks.” All of us must perpetually evolve our security processes to keep up with the sophisticated attacks of cyber criminals and nation state hackers, and our customers are relying on partners more than ever to help them make the right moves to keep their organizations’ data safe. 

We’re committed to ensuring partners have the resources, tools, and guidance needed to help customers evolve their security practices. Here are specific areas of focus that help partners tackle security, compliance, and identity issues for customers.  


Upskilling your workforce 


The cybersecurity industry is facing a shortage of workers, which further complicates keeping up with the constant onslaught of cyberattacks. By building the security skillsets within your organization, you can better position your company to both protect itself and offer valuable services and guidance to customers.

We strive to ensure that partners have the skilling and training resources needed to keep your team prepared to handle increasingly complex cyber threats. Use our enablement guide to find online courses and resources. We are excited to announce that we have released four new certifications for security, compliance, and identity, including: 

  • The Security Operations Analyst Certification can help individuals showcase knowledge of threat mitigation using Microsoft security, compliance, and identity solutions, as well as performing proactive threat hunting activities. 


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