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Microsoft Teams Webinars

Are you ready for Microsoft Teams Webinars with:

  • 1.000 interactive attendees
  • rich presentation options
  • Q&A chat possibilities
  • live reactions
  • advanced moderator controls
  • up to 10.000 view-only attendees



This new and fantastic feature to Teams spans the gap between a “normal” Teams meeting and a Teams Live Event. 
Among the benefits is an increase from 300 to 1000 as the roof for interactive attendees, rich presentation options, Q&A chat possibilities, live reactions, and advanced moderator controls.


What’s more, on top of the 1000 interactive attendees, Teams can seamlessly scale the webinar broadcast to an additional 10.000 view-only attendees, to be increased to 20.000 view-only attendees before year-end.


Microsoft Teams Webinars will be generally available and starts to roll out later this month.


We suggest you register for the Microsoft Teams Summit, held by the end of March, to follow all the latest on this and other new and exciting features in Microsoft Teams.


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