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Microsoft Security Webinars - Summer 2021

We are excited to share with you the first draft of our Summer 2021 - Microsoft Security Public Webinars series!


Please note the two separate registration forms:
- Summer 2021 – Azure Security Public Webinars start at 17.00 CET 
- Summer 2021 – Microsoft 365 Security Webinars start at 18.00 CET

For the full list and registration, please visit https://aka.ms/SecurityWebinars.


June 10: CyberProof - Migrating from on-premise to cloud-native hybrid SOC

June 15: Best practices of Authentication & Authorization Methods

June 17: Better together: E2E Sensitivity Label Flow from M365 to Azure Purview to SQL to Power BI

June 24: Cost management in Azure Sentinel - Getting the most of your investment

June 29: Azure Sentinel - Threat Intelligence in Action with Anomali

July 1: Spa Treatments: Web security in Single Page Applications

July 13: Customizing Azure Sentinel with Python - MSTICPy and Jupyter Notebooks

July 20: Azure Sentinel - Streamlining your SOC workflow with Automated Notebooks

August 26: Better together: Azure Security Center and Defender for Endpoints


Interested in some bite-sized security tips? Check out our short videos at https://aka.ms/SecurityCommunityVideos.

To stay informed about future webinars and other events, join our Security Community at https://aka.ms/SecurityCommunity