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Helping you help our customers

Dear Modern Work Partners,


Over the past year we have experienced many customers in SMB that are challenged with their current technology set-up. From Microsoft we want to help our customers realize the possibilities with technology and help them modernize their solutions.

For that reason, we are reaching out to some of our SMB customers that are either on older license forms or where we see an opportunity for the customer to modernize and be more secure.

You are already engaged with some of these customers, so we want you to consider this as an opportunity for you to further engage the customers seeking help in modernizing their current setup. To be clear - Microsoft is a partner driven company, so we are doing this to help you help our customers and expand your business.

Let us help our SMB customers realize more value with the endless opportunities there are out there in digitizing and expanding their current businesses.


Thank you for helping our customers every day with their digital transformation.


Aaren Ekelund


Microsoft SMB Denmark