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Is it possible to gain access to the Sao Paulo region?

Our platform leverages a video streaming backend that requires minimal latency between edge nodes. One of our source video streams is in Brazil and requires a nearby datacenter to be added to our platform.

We have attempted to be added to the Sao Paulo region via the Azure ticket support process, but have had no success. It appears there is a queue to be added to that region. We will require 3 compute-optimized instances for our video streaming platform.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. @Raj



@czhu, I requested this startup to join our program around 4+ months ago. They are not in my SM program but reached out to me today re this ask. Can someone on our tech advisory group provide some guidance. I think they already created a ticket with the Azure helpdesk but are needing more help. That's the context. thanks


Community Manager

Hi Matt,

Best place to pose this question would be within the Microsoft Tech Community or the MSDN forum, which both have significant support from technical experts (both internal and external). 

@LauraR Do you know where else from Azure support we can direct Matt to?