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How to promote diversity and inclusion in your company

Head of Microsoft for Startups, Annie Parker, provides some actionable steps to help founders and other tech professionals promote D&I in their companies.

Read the whole post here: https://www.thriveglobal.com/stories/43070-how-to-promote-diversity-and-inclusion-in-your-company


I love this topic! Very important!

Here's an article that I got published this summer - https://rcpmag.com/blogs/guest-blog/2018/07/driving-partner-diversity.aspx


Regards, Per

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Globalization is a tremendous opportunity in the era of disruptive technlogies. With the proliferation of produts and solutions, no one can have an expertise knowledge of them at once. The controlling of two, three  or several languages is crucial to really and effectively integrate the tiny circle of worldwide leaders mainly in the sophisticated area of disruptive technologies. Networking is something which is also very important whether it is Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram or any other major social media. It helps facilitate the daily management of businesses and projects never mind their location and never mind how far they are. The propagation of data has become unstoppable and no longer recognizes frontiers between countries. Communications have been improved more than ever due to the massive utilization of Skype, Link, email and the incessant usage and utlity of web applications. Virtual events have gained a lot in terms of efficiency and completion, they perform as well as in person or face to face activities. The uniformity of methodologies and the common understanding of lessons learned have made human resources equally available worldwide in terms of know how. The availability of a universal common data shared by major corporations has favored the usage of a common language and source code. The role of data centers in the preservation and conservation of large amount of information , their capacity to use it in real time participate largely to a global knowledge sharing between entities as well as individuals.