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Scropri le ultime novità di Microsoft per l'ecosistema Start Up.


Building a  Sustainable Future Together



Our commitment to foster open ecosystem in Italy, part of our National Plan Ambizione Italia #DigitalRestart, marked another important step in that direction with the Pitch For impact Italy Edition of last (10th of May).


The initiative has been built by a collaboration among Microsoft for Startups, Global Social Entrepreneurship Program and the Sustainability Alliance, the think-tank launched by Microsoft Italy and led by local M&O Lead Matteo Mille and orchestrated by Riccardo Trubiani with 8 corporates, scientific Institutions and technical partners to identify the main needs of the market in terms of sustainability and innovation.


The motto of PFI is “Building a  Sustainable Future Together”. 5 main sustainability missions in common to all the partners of Sustainability Alliance were identified thanks to an open innovation approach: Skills for a sustainable future, Sustainable Agritech, Dematerialization PaaS, Social Wellbeing and Environmental  Sustainability.



  • +720K $ Microsoft investment  (in terms of resources and credits)

  • Common sustainability missions to be solved

  • +50 Business decision leaders attendees (for sustainability topics)

  •  23 Speakers involved

  •  1Startups selected and involved (from WE area)

  • Winning startups (ex aequo on Agritech)

  •  MS Customers involved  Italgas, Snam, Intesa Sanpaolo, CDP, Coop, Bocconi, TIM, Turin City 

  • +6 hours discussions (keynotes and panels)





Digital Attitude | Skills for a Sustainable Future

Digital Attitude designed Habit-Inspiring Platform, an advanced digital assistant that through machine learning coaches users to build and maintain behavioral change. Solution is powerful to spread company cultures especially around impactful practices like  sustainable habits




Finapp | Sustainable Agritech

The CRNS probes (cosmic ray neutrons sensing) allows to count these neutrons and therefore to determine the water content present in the soil, in the biomass, in the snow. A visionary technology to determine the right amount of resources needed by real sustainable agriculture.




xFarm | Sustainable Agritech

Xfarm is the platform created  for farmers which allows to enter into digital farming in a simple and comprehensive way. IoT sensors, data management and digital application to monitor and use only the needed resources for a real impactful and sustainable agriculture.




Confirmo | Dematerialization PaaS

A powerful solution to digitalize the entire process of sending and collecting documents securely and informed.  The app has a great impact potential in terms of paper waste, and Co2 production related to mobility reduction.




Vocally.fm | Social Wellbeing

Benefits of a voice player are numerous, bust especially make digital contents more inclusive and accessible also for visually impaired and cognitive problems affected people. The solution is powerful thanks to Ai integration and provide very high level standard about natural language processing.




Latitudo40 | Environmental Sustainability

To maintain a real sustainable ecosystem, we need to plan farming, urban area and mobility. Latitudo40 improve our planning skills thanks to satellite images changed into useful insights, using AI & ML.


The pitch-day kick-off was on 10th May with Silvia Candiani, who shared how Microsoft Italy is supporting the country to be ready for the opportunity offered by Next Generation Funds, in terms of Digital and Green transition. Massimo Lapucci Secretary General of Fondazione CRT and Managing Director of OGR who talked about the upcoming projects designed with Microsoft; Andrew Macadam Global Field Lead at Microsoft for Startups and Riccardo Trubiani (Strategy and planning Lead at Microsoft Italia) leading the Sustainability Alliance+15 pitches were delivered to a jury composed by the partners of Sustainability Alliance, pushing on a customer obsession driven approach.


Pitch for Impact Italy edition was organized, led and presented with the great commitment of Microsoft Italia and Microsoft for Startups, by Sofia Pires GSEP Program Manager and Leopoldo Mauriello Startup and Partner Manager Italy.

Click here to find all the information on agenda and speakers involved!




A BIG Thank You to the whole, amazing Pitch for Impact – Italy Edition team:  Matteo Mille, Riccardo Trubiani, Claudia Angelelli, Paola Annis, Marco Guastamacchia, Ambra Genovese, Chiara Mizzi, Roberta Aspesi, Rachele Alberghini, Sofia Pires, Ines Marques, Andrew Macadam and all the Microsoft for Startups team.



Looking forward to having great GREENTECH Customer adoption stories!