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Level 2 Contributor

Hello everyone, I'm the Real Sean Spicer! Microsoft Build Passport Challenge Entry

1: I'm visiting from San Diego, and while I wish I could be at Build, they're saving me for Inspire. 🙂  Here's a picture of our team at Agile IT taking the Dogs of Agile IT out for the San Diego Humane Society's Walk for Animals this weekend:

Humane Walk.jpg

2: I work with Agile IT, a long time Microsoft Partner with 16 gold competencies. I am the marketing manager, and responsible for ALL of our content, both as an editor and as a librarian. You can check out my blog at agileit.com. For fun, I like to make things, ranging from robots to off-grid houses, and spend as much time with my 8 year old son as possible. 


3: As a marketing manager with a computer science background, I am very fortunate to get tons of demo tenants and labs to play in to create the content I write. My favorite things to work with are the EM+S suite and I am presently working on learning how to build conversational interfaces in Azure for use in MS teams.


4: I registered for Show Your Influence on Azure Consumption Through Your Customer Deployments,  and the May Marketplace updates.


Godo to meet all of you. I am actively involved in the US Partners Marketing Sure Step group, and always happy to brainstorm with other partners on innovative ways to share the Microsoft story. You can find me on LinkedIn